Hub 2.9 – Cloud subscriptions

We’re delighted to announce the latest release of Hub in conjunction with our latest announcement of the launch of Konekt, the XaaS division of Nuvias UC. This release brings a raft of new features for cloud services as well as a number of enhancements requested by customers.

Subscription Management

As part of the launch of Konekt, we have introduced a series of features for services which are provided through a subscription model. Subscription services will now appear in the product finder as a single product, with details of the rate plans available shown on the product detail page.

Rate plan details

When you’re ordering a subscription product, you can compare the different prices and select your preferred option easily. Once the service has been added to your basket, the total value will be shown along with your regular payment any payment due immediately..

Under the webstore menu, you’ll also see a new option to allow you to manage any subscription services you’ve bought through Hub.

To help you manage your account better, we’ve also introduced the ability to view and download all invoices from Hub, accessible through the webstore menu.

Shipping options

One of the most requested features in Hub has been the ability to manage and view part-shipment of orders. By default, we’ll only ship your orders once we’ve got everythign in stock, but for large orders you may want to ship each item as it becomes available. As a result, during the checkout stage you can now set your shipment preferences:


Your order will show multiple shipments and tracking numbers as it progresses and you’ll be able to tell which devices are in which shipment.

Data feeds and EDI

Many of our customers operate platforms that rely on regular data files delivered to their platform to provide up to date information to their teams. With that in mind, we have two new features – the first is a series of options around deliverying CSV files of your product and pricing information from Hub.

Feed configuration page

Through the Feeds manu option you can create as many feeds as you want delivered as an email with an attached CSV file, sent to your FTP server (including options for secure delivery via sFTP and FTPS) or, if you use StockInTheChannel as a data feed for your platform, we can send your pricing information to that platform too.

For those customers that need formal EDI integration, we’re now able to provide UN EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12, TRADACOMS and others, with a range of industry standard documents for quotes, purchase, product and stock information, despatch advice, goods receipt, invoices, etc. We can also provide SSCC labels where larger orders are being shipped to a customer distribution centre. If you’re interested in EDI with us, get in touch with your account manager to start the conversation.

Lots more…

In addition to the major features listed above, our development team have been busy fixing bugs and bringing in a whole host of smaller features and tweaks to the system. On top of that, next week, we’ll have some exciting news for customers who have their own development team, so follow us to see what’s next!

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Aled is the Director of Innovation and Development at the Nuvias Unified Communications practice. He's now responsible for new product introduction and innovation in the UC practice as well as all our software development, but for the past 15 years he's been running voice platforms and has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

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