Dovetail release 17.10 – a fresh new look

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The team at Nuvias has always made sure that we keep at the cutting edge of technology. It’s no surprise then that the internal team in our Unified Communications practice which is responsible for the Dovetail CPE management system is helping to lead that charge. Over the year since we launched the first closed trials of Dovetail, we’ve been talking to our customers about Dovetail and how you use it. Your feedback has been instrumental in guiding our product development and we’re proud to announce that release 17.10 of Dovetail will roll out to our live platform overnight on October 28th.

The development team have focused on the user interface in this release. A lot of your feedback was about how you use Dovetail and how it has helped your workflow of assessing customer networks for deployment and how you deploy handsets. Some of that feedback included areas where the product didn’t match cleanly for your workflow.

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A menu that reflects how you work

One of the most common pieces of feedback was the menu. Although it reflected how the system worked, it didn’t reflect well how you used the system, so we’ve redesigned the menu and made it fit into your workflow more. The menu items only appear when they’re relevant to the organisation level you’re at which also helps to guide you to the possible actions. Finally, we’ve organised them in the order that you would normally use the system:

  • Network contains everything related to network assessments
  • Devices is all about device management and profiles
  • Monitoring is where you’ll find our quality of experience statistics

We’ve also made managing the organisational structure clearer and bundled all those options under the Manage button.


Many of you didn’t like how the navigation menu on the left worked, so we’ve remodelled it based on your feedback. Now you can select the up/down arrows to get access to the menu and select the organisation you want to work in. The name of the organisation is now visible at all times in the same place which helps you find your way around.


Although Dovetail is a data-driven system primarily used by more technical staff, that’s not to say it can’t look good. We’ve sharpened up the look of Dovetail and brought it in line with our Nuvias design guidelines.

We hope you like the new design and we hope that it makes life easier for you. Let us know if you like it, or even more importantly – let us know if you don’t.

Not using Dovetail already?

If you’re not one of our customers who are using Dovetail to help make CPE deployment and management a success every time, get in touch with the Nuvias UC team and let us show you how we can help to make failed installations a thing of the past. +44 (0) 1633 533109 or email

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Aled is the Director of Innovation and Development at the Nuvias Unified Communications practice. He's now responsible for new product introduction and innovation in the UC practice as well as all our software development, but for the past 15 years he's been running voice platforms and has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

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