Hub update: 1.2 – Multi-language release

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We’re excited to announce that Hub has been updated to version 1.2 today. This introduces a new multi-language feature which allows users and organisations to set the language of the Hub interface.

The multi-language feature is visible to all users when you visit Hub – at the bottom of the page you can see a dropdown where you can set your language.

Screenshot of Hub showing the language selector box

The new language selector in Hub

There’s some additional functionality that we’ve built into Hub to cater for this too:

  • You can set the default language for an organisation. Any user of that organisation or child organisation will inherit this language and any email notifications sent out on behalf of the organisation will use this language.
  • Users can chose to set their own language. This will override the default language inherited from their organisation.
  • Although Hub itself will change language, the product information won’t – product information is inherited from the product catalogue. Don’t forget – product information text is customisable so you can set it in any language you want.

With 1.2 we’ve introduced German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch in addition to the standard English.

Finally, we’ve made a few product improvements including sorting the Organisation list alphabetically and fixing a few display issues with the featured items page. We’ve also fixed a problem where customers would sometimes get spurious notifications of price changes.

We hope you enjoy being able to set Hub in your preferred language – as ever, if you encounter any issues or think that our translations aren’t quite right, let us know!

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