Bootstrapping Development: Intro

Having been back at SIPHON for just over two months, I felt that an introduction was probably in order! So hi, I’m Sean, the new Head of Software Engineering for SIPHON.

To provide a little bit of context, I used to work for SIPHON as a Solution Engineer before taking a job as Developer in Test and then Head of Test Automation elsewhere, and have now returned to SIPHON to spearhead the creation of a Software Engineering team.

Aled has already blogged about how we’ll be moving into the development space. I’m going to be blogging over the next few weeks about the tools and processes that we’re using in the team in the hope that it will help other companies out there doing the same thing, now and in the future.

I’m intending to go into detail around what we’ve tried in our workflow, what works for us, what doesn’t, and why. I’ll also be discussing which tools we’ve chosen to use, and why we might have made one decision over another. Central to the process for us is the idea of Continuous Improvement – nothing is set in stone and everyone should be empowered to make changes to our flow – so they’re likely to change over time.

My first topic will be Documentation and Process, look out for it in the next week! Feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions for future topics or want to know how we do a specific thing.

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