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It’s been a pretty exciting week here at SIPHON Towers! Over the last 7 years as SIPHON has grown from three guys in a corner office, we’ve gone through many stages expanding into new areas and regions, bringing new vendors on board and continually expanding our knowledge and skills to ensure that we bring the very best we could to our customers.

Until now we’ve focused primarily on bringing products from other vendors to our customers and specialised in integrating them, enabling our customers to embrace new technology. This week sees us expanding the company yet again by creating a team specifically to provide the capability to create our own solutions by writing them ourselves.

In the past, whilst working with customers on improving the quality of experience that they want for their users, we have seen areas where no product exists. Occasionally, we’ve been able to provide small solutions that help fill those gaps – in fact our own provisioning system which we use to provide pre-deployment configuration to CPE is one example where we have been able to create a solution.

We’ve got our work cut out for us – we already have plenty of ideas of how we could improve the user experience which we’ve started working through. If you’re one of the customers who attended our technical forum recently, you’ll have already seen some inkling of the ideas we have. For now however, you’ll have to keep watching this space!

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Aled is the Director of Innovation and Development at the Nuvias Unified Communications practice. He's now responsible for new product introduction and innovation in the UC practice as well as all our software development, but for the past 15 years he's been running voice platforms and has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

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